Masdevallia & Miltoniopsis sale

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Leo Schordje

wilted blossom
Aug 22, 2006
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NE Illinois
A Small Sale - I have a few Masdevallia Maui Gold (Copper Angel x rex), Angel Tang (tonduzii x veitchiana) and Maui Jewel (tonduzi x glandulosa) for sale, 3 inch pots for $20 and 4 inch pots for $25. In bud or bloom. All hybrids were made with ease of culture in mind, intermediate temps are fine, no need to chill these.

Miltoniopsis hybrids - have a couple that just came in. In bud, $25. If you enquire I'll list the crosses, one is yellow background with red butterfly masks, one cross is white with red markings & the third cross is mostly red, most with waterfall patterns.