Maryland Orchid Society Show-- Photos part Two

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Here's the second batch of photos, including the non-paph/phrag stuff. These are from random exhibits throughout the show.

Dtps. Chain Xen Pearl (I really wish mine was this big!! I think ONE leaf from this plant is the same span as my little baby mericlone! :eek: )

Cool renanthera. Nancy Chandler 'Red Dragon'

Cymbidium traceyanum (this is on now my "want" list after seeing it in the show... if I get it, it'll be my first cymbidium)

Masd. yunganensis

a plant that was labeled as paph. wardii but I'm not sure it's pure wardii. It was HUGE, both vegetatively and otherwise. The leaves also didn't look like wardii-- they looked more like some of my maudiae hybrids. I love the flower though.

Our display:



yunganensis is a cool grower. It's on my want list, but I usually stick to more warmth tolerant masdies like Copper Angel. We have just set up a cool room in our basement, so I might have to get one.

The masd. yunganensis in the photo was grown by another MOS member-- he grows in his house, and keeps that one in a cool spot in AC all year round. It's certainly very happy!! He's really doing an amazing job with his growing!