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lots to trade

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Well Im starting to get rid of a lot of my hanging orchids. We need to thin out the greenhouse. Here is what I have to offer. Picts upon request

Encycl (tampensis alba 'Mendenhall' AM/AOS x nemorale 'Mendenhall') has 2 spikes with 27 buds

Encycl (Orchid Jungle 'Tom's Gift' AM/AOS x Orchid Jungle 'Tom's Legend' AM/AOS) has 1 spike with 6 buds
Neost Lou Sneary 'Lea' AM/AOS
Asetm curvifolium
V (Dr. Anek x Fuchs Delight)
Ascocenda Yip Sum Wah 'Crimson Glow' AM/AOS x Neofinetia falcata
Rhy. Coelestis x Aerides flabellata

Darwinara Charm 'Blue Star' x Vandafinetia Virgil - this one was a seedling 1st time bloomer in april and had 3 spikes

Ascda Suksamran Sunlight 'Sunny'

Ronnyara siam sky 'Meechai'

Encycl (Nursery Rhyme x Bracteata)

Im looing for things from the Cattleya Alliance, Coelogyne Alliance, and Catasetum Alliance
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I'm lusting after those encyclias of yours but have a new collection and nada to trade. If you decide to sell, drop me a PM!