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Have flowered this one and the plant is very healthy. Grows cool to warm and I've had it for a couple of years now. Sometimes temps drop pretty low.......to around low 30's so it's doing really well.

Anyway the problem is, if you can see the notches on the left hand side of the photo on the petal, for some reason it got stuck in the pouch while trying to open.......I've never seen this before. Anyway it wasn't opening properly so I stuck my big fingers in there to try and pull the petal gently away from the pouch. But as you can see I pulled the pouch out with it and now it looks funny. It's normally a nice forming flower but this year I lucked out.

Anyway I'm sure you can see the funny side as can I. The plant is very healthy and the root system is awesome. This CHC stuff is pretty good as far as I can see, both my Paphs and Masdevallia's are thriving with the best roots systems I've seen from my own plants anyway. I will be repotting into a smaller pot, at the time I repotted I didn't have any smaller pots left and so it went into this one.





WolfDog1 said:
Maybe you can push that part of the pouch back under the staminode....??


Tried that but it felt like I was going to damage it as it's quite delicate and I have big clumsy hands.

So I will wait until next year........it is a good quality flower though and hopefully I will have a better picture next year. It's a shame as the petals have now folded out quite nicely and are very flat this morning.

Oh well, it's worth the wait.