Lc. Prism Palette ‘Mischief’ AM/AOS (C. Colorama x C. Horace)

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Nov 17, 2018
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Spotsylvania, VA
Good flower to plant size ratio. Where from?
Thanks Linus, this one is from Orchids Ltd. 9/17. This was back in the day when I regularly killed things as I had just started growing under lights, so the first one I had from Odom's died. This one came just beginning to spike and finished blooming in January of 2018. It has not bloomed since, which I can't explain except to say I probably repotted it at the wrong time and it set it back. I had a lot to learn, especially in the area of when to repot. Happy to have two flowers on the spike.
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Feb 19, 2013
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Very happy to see this. Thanks for posting. I have one that is for the first time in 3 years in bud but without sheath. It’s probably going to be a mess.. Sounds like they take a while to bloom after reporting. I’m not sure of my cultivar but I’m not particularly drawn to the peloric blooms. I do find the breeding fascinating, especially the aquinii lines.. I believe Fred Clarke has a great presentation on Cattleyas discussing this in detail on the AOS webinars.

Linus, if you are interested I can send it your way. I would like to keep it in the NCOS cohort, it was a gift from Joe.