L. purpurata v. striata 'Doraci' x 'Canto Grande'

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This little guy completely surprised me a couple days ago! I swear, I was in the greenhouse the day before, and there weren't any buds. I came home Friday from work, walked into the GH, and WHOA, flowers!!!!

The flowers are very small for a purpurata (only 5") but since they are new, (at the point the photo was taken open for less than a day) they haven't dilated, and the plant is still very small, it's in a 4" pot. For the size of the plant, the flowers are in proportion. When the largest growth put up a sheath, I figured it would be a "dud" sheath, since the plant was still so small, but it did it, and bloomed! I'm curious to see what they will look like next year, when the plant is larger. It does seem to be a good grower.

When I looked at it today, the petals are flatter, and the lip has also dilated a bit. It looks MUCH better, and it's pushing 6" now. :) I think this one is a keeper. :)




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