kovachii seedlings 4 month update

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May 29, 2011
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southern Indiana
This is an update of kovachii seedlings growing in sphagnum moss. I am including both the initial and 16 week photos for comparison. There are some interesting things to note. First is that none have died. Second is that the one in the lower right, which receives the most light (and heat), is slightly yellow. Lastly, the ones I marked with an X in the original photo were the ones that I guessed would be the best growers. They did turn out to be robust growers, but just as many others are doing as well or better. On an unrelated note, I have purchased several additional kovachii flasks recently and they all seem to doing just fine. They are one week out of flask. I have included a photo of them too. The two on the right are in Promix. The roots of the plants in those two compots needed additional root development, and if I am careful with the watering, they will respond quickly and be ready for moss in a few months. Mikekovachii week 0.jpg kovachii week 16.JPG CA 874.JPG