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Aug 14, 2014
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New York City
Of a few different Paphs under my care.

Paph. emersonii hybrids:

Cam's Cloud ( x bellatulum) has been growing one leaf a month which is surprisingly fast. Nothing grows this fast for me. I think I see a spike coming. I have some bellatulum and they are quite slow for me. Other Bella hybrids like Paph. Rolfei ( x rothschildianum) grows quite fast for me.

Joyce Hasegawa ( x delenatii), Mem. Larry Heuer ( x malipoense): both these have been quite slow as expected. One and a half leaf in the entire year!
Some are in bud, most are blooming size.

Franz Glanz ( x armeniacum) has been alright. In the middle of two extreme. Normal I guess. In bud.

Wössner Wölke ( x hangianum) has grown one leaf in five months.
Still a couple of years away from flowering.

Paph. hangianum hybrids:

Liberty Taiwan ( x micranthum) & Shun Fa Golden ( x malipoense) & Wössner China Moon ( x armeniacum) has been growing steadily. About two three leaves per year. These are all reaching maturity and Wössner China Moon might flower next spring. I'm so looking forward to big yellow flowers!!!

In-Charm Handel ( x delenatii) have been growing faster than those others, but won't flower. I can't wait for some flowers on these guys. I'm afraid they might be flowerless weeds at this point.
At least the leaves are pretty and I have kept. I'll give one more year.

Wössner Favourite ( x leucochilum) is working on its third leaf since January.
I think it's about flowering size now.

Hang x Fanaticum. This has grown half leaf since January.
Most frustrating thing ever! I checked the roots and well, I was expecting no roots but to my surprise, there was one very long root with an active tip amongst some dead strands. lol so I could not just toss.
I hope it speeds up a bit.

I grow indoor. Winter low is around 65-68 at night and day is over 70 usually.
How do yours ( emersonii & hangianum hybrids) compare?


I also grow indoors under lights and my growth rates is the same as yours.