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Hello all,

I am from Greece and I "only" have three Paphiopedilum, one of them I think it's grantrichianum (and I would very much like to expand my collection... :) ) I have them for a year or so, but I've been in the hobby almost three and a half years (with other kind of orchids). Well I have searched the internet for information about Paphio culture but nothing campares to others experience and tips... :) The thing is that I have a Paphio that on one of its leaves, white spots have occured and they seen to emerge from the leaf... (they are located under the "skin" of the leaf) I'll try to upload a photo to show you, but do you have any idea of what could this be and how I can get rid of it? Also, I would aprreciate any curing and caring "homemade" solutions, as things here in Greece are years back, when it comes to orchids ... :snore:


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Jun 6, 2006
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Welcome to the forum!

I would bet the name of your Paph is gratixianum.

I'm not sure, without a photo, of what might be the problem with the white spots - am I reading correctly that they are like bumps protruding through the surface? I had something like that on my lowii but it wasn't white, it was the normal leaf color.

Are you familiar with the practice of using cinnamon on a cut leaf as an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial? That's a good home remedy. :)

Look forward to hearing more from you. I think you may be our first Greek member.


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Jun 7, 2006
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Wow Greece, thats a first here I think and on my list of places to see before I die. Welcome!!!

Grandma M

Welcome to the forum.

When my children were in high school we had a Greek exchange student living with us for a year. We enjoyed having Maria, from Athens, with us and it was an interesting experience for all of us. We also had 1 from Chile and 2 from Brazil, through 'Youth for Understanding', but the South American students only stay for 6 months.


Hi all and thank you for the warm welcome... you are all great... :)

I will upload the pictures to a new tab because here its only for intro and salutations, isn't it? Sorry!!!! The pictures are on the BEGINNER ZONE, ok? Thank you....