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Jul 3, 2007
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Hi All
what is the pricing you will consider buying this paph- 5 plants in a package deal. Sorry no pic at this point. Your kind input will help the Seller set the final product on ebay. All plants listed are either selfing or crossing either with an older divison or single fan.
1) helenae BS x 1
2) tranlianium BS x 1
3) henryanum BS x 1
4) delenatii ( 2nd generations cross 'red x yj red ) seeding sizes 10~12cm x 1
5) vietnamese (F1 generations Seeding cross ) Seeding 12cm x 1

Q1) will u prefer to bid for it or buy it now price
Q2) Would u prefer to have as a total package - thats inclued plants/delivery & paperwork ( CITES & PHYTO )
Q3) Buy it now Pricing for plant only - which pricing will u be comfy to buy it
a) USD 68 b) USD 80 c) USD 100 d) USD 120

Q4) if you reg in the vendor FACEBOOK - and u get a FOC paph HCM BS (T & C Apply) will u sign on?

Part 2
What would you like to have in your collections? do you wish to have these?
pls rank it 1~ 8. 1 being must have , 8 mean least to consider
1) Sanderianum 20~30 cm plants NBS
2) rothschildianum 20 ~30 cm plant NBS
3) Stoneii 10 ~ 15 cm plant
4) Phillippinese or abla 20 ~30 cm plants NBS
5) hangianum NBS
6) adductum var anitum ( no informations of sizes yet)
7) thaianum flask (20 seeding)
8) abla- brach species

the informations will help the seller determin the new batch of product launch.

Appreciate your kind time in telling us what u want as a hobbyist.
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Sep 16, 2007
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Pearland TX
Geez Shaw so many options. With correct paperwork I would "buyNow" if the price was right. Of course, I really don't have a fare price stuck in my head at the monent. All of part #2 would find a place at my home easily!


Honestly, it all depends on the location they are coming from and the seller's reputation. If they are coming from outside the US, I wouldn't risk more than maybe $10 per plant on the first set. The first three don't specify if seed-grown or not. Since these have been reported at market in native countries at produce cart prices, why should a gringo be expected to pay insane amounts. Especially if there is a risk of confiscation. The second set 1-4 are commonly available for the most part.


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Aug 19, 2007
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Catskill, N.Y.
Geez Shaw so many options. With correct paperwork I would "buyNow" if the price was right. Of course, I really don't have a fare price stuck in my head at the monent. All of part #2 would find a place at my home easily!

Basically the same here!!
But in Q#1 numbers 1&2 are not legal in the U.S. & I'm not sure about # 5..

Q#2 They would all be happy in my home!!


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Jul 3, 2007
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Sorry folks - i should be more clearer on the survery content.
i edit it again and pleas give me your opinion


too many questions! I'm pretty much in agreement with the others, here's my opinion -
Package deal - henry & deles are so common here there's not much sense/desire to purchase a package including them unless they're really nice.
Q2 -total package price including shipping, cites, etc would be nice but then I'm back to my first comment, why pay extra costs for something I can get here?
Q3 - a or b, c maybe they'd have to be really nice & multi growth.
Q4 don't do Facebook
Part 2 - already have 1-4, accessible here.
5,6 & 8 would be temptations (rating 1/2) if the price were right.
7 - thaianum -it might be fun to bloom out a flask but I probably wouldn't waste the money, they have a reputation of being difficult & raising from flasks offers some challenges regardless of the plant.


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Sep 14, 2006
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New York City Apartment
Q1. #1, #2, #5, not legal to import into USA.
Q2. depends on price but for certain items if they're hard to get I personally 'buy it now'
Q3. I know somebody :rolleyes: who buys import plants w/ the option for legal paperwork. if the plants dont get thru they assume the loss so the option to get paperwork is preferable.
Q4. I don't facebook.

Part 2, #1 - Most desireable - #7 Flask thaianum .
#2 - alba Brachy species
#3 - phillip. alba
#4 - sanderianum
Not interested in rest.
Thanx for considering our opinions valuable. :D


European point of view ;)

#1 to #5: all easily available here. Price for BS plants between 15 - 30€ (also over that, but that can be considered pretty high: would pay more ONLY if I can see the flower and the plant is outstanding!). Have seen a package offered including 1-4 plus charlesworthii for 55€

Q1: like biding, but if the item is rare/difficult to get I can go for "Buy Now"
Q2: ....being very honest, if buying from outside EU/Switzerland I would be very careful and would do it ONLY from very serious sellers. I have bought two batches of plants (one from Thailand via ebay and one from a "serious" verndor in Australia directly from their website). I have paid CITES and Phyto for both batches... Thai batch arrived without paperwork and declared as "Thai Dolls" - it was retained at the customs and luckily I could show the receipt that I paid for the paperwork and several related emails (still fighting via ebay and paypal on this issue, but loosing any hope!). Australian batch arrived also without paperwork, declared as souvernirs and plastic plants (custom did not catch the plants), the seller does not reply to my emails anymore!
Q3: see pricing comments for the wholesale package
Q4: due to facebook owners changing (and IMO cheating with) privacy policies everytime they have a bad "tuuuuuu <- censored!" (and this seems to be very often in the last time) I do not accept any applications or profiles of sellers/people I do not know. Therefore my answer would clearly be NO to Q4.

from the last list of plants, I would only like to have (by now): hangianum, alba Brachies, thaianum (not in flask! reasons given by Goldenrose).. However, the only I do not have is hangianum :D but would not buy it without seeing the blooming plant before and ONLY coming from a very serious vendor (you can see my "hangianum" in another thread here)

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