Is this Paph micranthum large enough to bloom?

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Jan 16, 2019
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Paph. micranthum var. North Vietnam. It rested naturally in situ last year, but nightly temps were not lower than 60s. I'm wondering if it's worth it to take it into a lower night temperature this year to encourage bloom. And if so, for how long? I've read growers that recommend three full months of very cool temps for parvis, and others that just do it for a month. Thanks!

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Jun 20, 2016
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FWIW - Several kinds of orchids that 'require cold' can be fooled with 'winter dry'. When I'd see Den. aggregatum in catalogs in the '70s, they were always listed as cool or intermediate-cool growing. BUT I have friends in central Florida that grow huge shrubs of D. aggregatum that bloom with hundreds of flowers every year - apparently if you cut back on watering and 'torture' the plant ('winter'), and then start watering again ('spring'), they bloom just fine. Works with a lot of the Denrobiums, especially mobiles and various deciduous species & hybrids.

If all else fails, try cutting the watering to half or a quarter of normal for 6-8 weeks and then go back to watering normally. I've had success doing this with several Paphs including P. esquirolei and the Parvis. Best of luck!

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