Is this cross named correct

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I haven't seen hangianum x emersonii before, so I don't know what that cross should look like.. but the picture does look like it could be a Shun Fa Golden to me..
Typical malipoense staminode.
It is a pale form of Paph. Shun Fa Golden, not the cross of hangianum with emersonii.

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It probably came from Norman's or something.
Funny you mention that, it reminds me of my
supposed to be hangianum x rothschildianum from...(XXXXXX) Since you aready mention the name here, there is no need for me to repeat it:clap:
I try to convince myself that the mistake came from the flasks supplier and not from (XXXXXX)'s Orchids itself.
Truthfully ,I am not angry, part of me only disappointed knowing it won 't be what I buy. The other part of me really curious to see what the heck it is, so I don't want it to die before flowering.
The only problem is I hate the fact that I can not fill the record information for these seedlings (what should I say? but parentage unknown, hybrid unknown)

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