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Hi All!

First, a special "thank you" to all of you that make this forum possible!

Second, I have to thank Linda Frog for bringing this forum to my attention!

OK, a little about me... I have been growing orchids for about twelve years. Of course I started with the recommended easy orchids to grow; Phal's., Cat's., Den's, etc. After reading anything that I could get my hands on (did not have a computer at the time), I joined a couple of Orchids Societies in my area. And then it happened...Glen Decker came to speak at the Long Island Orchid Society. Needless to say, I was hooked! Shortly afterwards, I went to visit Glen at his Long Island greenhouse (when he lived in the area), and I was just blown away seeing his magnificent orchids. I was ready for my first Phrag. and he generously sold me a beautiful division of his Phrag. schlimii 'Wilcox' AM/AOS. What a wonderful orchid! Slowly, I started to collect more Phrag. during my visits to Glen and other reliable growers.

At this point I have a nice collection of orchids; however, I love growing Phrags! And we all know how mysterious growing these wonderful orchids can be! I truly need the support of this group to help me learn more about some of paphs. & phrags. that I have. Hopefully, I will be able to share my experience with others. But what is really important to me, is to stay excited about this species of orchids and I know that I have found the right place!

Thank you,



Photos of orchids

Hi All,

Would it be ok if I just start with my Phrags? I need to do some more work on my orchid list... I just hope that I was able to upload the photos!

Phrag. After-Glo 4N BS
Andean Fire (small)
Ashley Wilkes BS
Demetria BS
Mem. Dick Clements (small)
Don Wimber (small)
Grande 'SHK' BS
Noirmont BS
Ruby Slipper (in spike now)
Schlimii 'Wilcox' AM/AOS BS
Schroderae 'Clyde' HCC/AOS BS
Schroderae 'Coos Bay' AM/AOS (in spike now)
Sedenii 'Penn Valley' AM/AOS BS
Sedenii 'Pete' BS
Sorcerer's Apprentice BS
Urgandiae BS
New Phrags:
Jason Fischer BS
Olaf Gruss BS

I hope that this works! Also, please let me know if you have any questions about the phrags.

Thanks, CLMoss


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Hi Candace,

Not really! But, I will have some fun finding room for them in the fall!



Welcome CLMoss, you have some beautiful stuff, nice growing. What might that big leafy plant be in the middle of the second photo?


Big Leafy Plant!

Hi Dot & Barbara,

OK, I will first address healthy:

I try to pay attention to detail...When the plant needs new media or a larger pot. When it is time to fertilize and when to cut down on feeding. Amount of light and water. Same stuff we all try to do. What I found my orchids really like is being out-of-doors. They love the warm day and the cool evening. The buoyancy of the air is really what they respond to.

The big leafy plant is a Cyc. Wine Delight FCC/AOS J.E.M. I was shocked when I saw the size of those canes! I am only hoping that the flowers are as red as they should be. My first Wine Delight was a clone from the awarded plant and the flowers were beautiful. I will take a photo when the orchid blooms.

Thanks for looking at my orchids!