I did , I did it,. Here is my Bulbo setup.

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Grandma M



Here is my new bulbo set up, and little frostii in bloom with one more flower to open. If you look hard, you will see a bud on my echinolabium. It is way to the right, out of the white tray,in a small tray draining into the bucket below. The bud is tall but tiny. I just bought it about a month ago and didn't expect it to bloom so soon. I am curious about what it will smell like.

I finally figured out a way to hang my mounted bulbos. There are a couple behind the wood basket which don't show on the pic. I moved my phrags out of that tray and put my bulbos in it. I found 48" X 22" shelving at Lowes and hung it behind the trays.

It was tricky getting that rack hung up there. Can you picture a 75 year old lady on her knees, leaning over the cart, trying to hang that monster on the back side of the cart? I was glad there was no one here to see that sight. It took several tries to hang it....but I did it. I'm very happy with the results.

One question. When I water, a bit of the water from the mounted plants could possibly drip on the plants below. I did leave space in the back of the tray for that purpose, but it may still drip a bit. Is that going to cause a problem for the plants below?

It needs a little tweaking yet, like putting the cords where they don't show. I was too tired by the time I was finished to care if they showed. Tomorrow is another day.

Oh BTW. I have them in my home in a small spare bedroom.


Dec 9, 2006
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Penang, Malaysia..d home of fabulous paphs.
Grandma M, that's neat... =) but personally, i prefermounting bulbos as they take up less space... (vertical space instead of horizontal..).. I think a bit of dripping won't harm the bulbos.. I hang my paphs above my bulbos, and the bulbos seem alright with it, provided there is ample air circulation... good luck.! =D


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Jun 9, 2006
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Leiper's Fork, TN
Allot of my bulbos are in baskets like yours GM, and the dripping doesn't cause a problem for those below.

I have an echinolabium blooming now too. The flower does stink, but only when you get up close. Also they don't last for more than a few days, so enjoy them while they are open. It's also pretty amazing how the bud fully opens in one night.