How long to keep germinating paph seeds in the dark ?

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Aug 19, 2006
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London, UK
Three weeks ago I plated out some neo seeds and had a spare flask of my homemade germination medium.
I also had some seeds from a bullenianum which I didn't think would be viable but I sowed them anyway.
I put the bullenianum flask in an opaque black plastic bag in the propagator along side the neo flasks.

My question is long to keep them in the dark ?

Compared to the neo seeds which are very small, these paph seeds were much larger, very elongated and spindly to the point
that I wasn't entirely sure they were seeds and not some sort of fibres from the pod.

I couldn't resist taking a quick look to see if anything was happening. With a 15 X hand lens I can see a white blob has appeared in the center of most of the seeds. Just how inhibitory is the light then ? Will brief light exposures for viewing purposes be a problem ?

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