Hey Bob at Antec! Do you still sell plants?

Discussion in 'Orchid Vendor Sales' started by PHRAG, Oct 8, 2006.

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    Don't worry Mark, I think any thinking person will realize these people have done a gone job of that themselves. Obviously there are people that have nothing to do but waste time, but this will be the last waste of my time on this nonsense. It amazes me how people make huge assumptions with no knowledge of what they are talking about, either with regard to the orchid business or someones personal life, and with no regard to how hurtful their comments may be. Do the two initiators of this nonsense think we would suspend a very successful business for two years while maintaining all the overhead without some very extreme reasons going beyaond just being very busy? Leo's very gentlemeanly answer should have been the end of this thread that shouldn't have started in the first place. It clearly states on our website that we are currently selling through ebay only. In addition to the reasons stated by Leo, its also a lot easier to go into the greenhouse and pick up plants for ebay than find a specific plant among tens of thousands. And lets get a few things clear, no one was promised a plant, I said I'd try to find one when I could. And we have sold another since then on ebay, in flower, probably awardable, so as Heather wanted, another was offered, and there will probably be more. The only thing insulting and childish here is the behavior of Heather and "Phrag" in this thread. This was supposed to be a different kind of forum, but here we have the owner trying to bully someone being egged on by Heather. Sounds pretty familiar. And both of you looking through your little logs to see if I've read the thread and then unethically violating my confidentiality by revealing that here is even worse than Peter ever went. So Mark, if it creeped you out, you better get used to it because I'll guarantee you those logs are watched continually by people with nothing better to do in their lives. Yep, a really new kind of forum indeed. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Bullying, lying and unethical behavior over a plant. Good job guys.
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    Sorry Leo, that was a typo and I did mean gentlemanly!
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    Well, I would dispute that, Peter would have deleted your post, Bob. :)
    Thanks for the, uh, explanation, I think. At least that's something.

    Regarding the "who's online" feature - any member can use it. It isn't an admin only feature. That's part of being a public and open forum, imo.

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