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Apr 2, 2021
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Yes, we have our national park and also two prisons in Concord. My name is Steve and I have grown orchids for about 25 years. After periodic moves, I have finally settled into a good routine of moving plants outside in the late spring and bringing them back inside into a climate-controlled basement room under the stairs. Sort of the Harry Potter room. I have about 70 plants if you do not count the 50 or so (and growing) resulting from compots and flasks. I have perhaps a dozen (each) of phrags, phals, and dendrobiums. I have a particular soft spot for latouria dendrobiums. Perhaps the orchid community will help me when I can no longer handle 20-30 plants (each) of Dendrobium Joyce Kelly and phalaenopsis lamelligera. I forgot about the flasks of dendrobium johnsoniae, canaliculatum and friedericksianum that may or not arrive one day. I have dreams of remaking some of the classic cattleya crosses such as cattleya Ophir. I definitely got cattleya fever after reading Chadwick's book - see the photo on the back cover.