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Grandma M


Dgmra Darth Vader

Zygo Louisendorf 'Rhein Clown'. 3rd blooming, 2nd this year.

More slippers to come as soon as I can get pictures. They are in my basement, under HPS lights, so I need to move them to take pictures.

Grandma M

Thanks Candice. This guy is in a CHC mix because it is a large pot and heavy for me to move. I'm afraid if I put it in S/H it would be too heavy for me. Most of my Oncid. Alliance are in S/H and they seem to prefer that. This one has bloomed each fall for 4 years.

My tag says is is Dgmra but it may possibly be labeled wrong. It is (Mtssa. Olmec X Milt. Anne Warne)... What does that make it?


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Jun 9, 2006
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Elk Grove, CA
Mtssa. Olmec x Milt. Anne Warne is Miltassia Dark Star. But, there is a clone called Mtssa. Dark Star 'Darth Vadar'. I'm assuming you have this one and should correct your name tag.

I got these photos from my database, they aren't mine.


Grandma M

Thanks Candice. Yes mine is (Mtssa. Olmec x Milt. Anne Warne) Dark Star 'Darth Vader'. Mine is so much darker than those photos. I have changed my tag and my records. All those Oncid Alliance crosses confuse me. I have several and I'm not sure if any of them are labeled correctly.

It is such a faithful bloomer and I love the dark color. The only problem with it is it keeps outgrowing it's pot and I hate to cut it up.

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