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Aug 28, 2006
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Here are two of my three Gisela's.



These were shot today. The one not pictured bloomed in mid-April inside. It is slightly bigger than the larger one here. The three plants were purchased from Garden in the Woods in 2004 and each had one blooming stem, the two purple ones each with a single flower and the one with the yellow pouches with a double on a singe stem.

Every year they get bigger. The purple one here has 6 flowers on 6 stems (two are double-flowered stems and two stems do not have flowers); the yellow one has 19 flowers (some are on the back and not visible, you should be able to count 16 if you look closely) on 14 stems.

They are in pots awaiting a planting area to be completed by the landscaper.

Ron Burch


:drool: Wow! Those are amazing! From one growth to 14 in 2 years!?! How come your other one (only) has 6 stems? How do you grow them? I also have Gisela, and it has gone from one growth and one flower in '04 to 5 growths and zero flowers this year. It has only bloomed for me twice. I'll repot it this fall, and that might help. It's always the 'easy' orchids that I have trouble with:confused:. What do you use for a potting mix?

Mrs. Paph

Wow, that's making me even more impatient to get a house and some space of my own so I can make sure to save room for some of these! Very nice!