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Aug 28, 2006
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The Cyp's are going dormant fast now. Visit our web site and purchase any Cyp's or Bletilla for 20% off until October 20 (we will ship around then). If you use PayPal, just order as usual and I will reverse 20% - there is no "use charge" to you from PayPal for this. For mail orders, just deduct 20% and note on your order that you saw this post.

We have a bumper crop of seedlings to plant out in the Spring and I need to clear some beds (and have added another 500 square feet)!

All plants shipped this Fall have bloomed in 2010.

Happy orchiding!


Eric Muehlbauer

Great! I was planning to order a C. pubescens anyway....(I'll know next year if I really lost my cyps in the tornado...I'm hoping they will grow back), so this offer worked out perfectly.

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