From Ecuador: Good and Evil at the Center of the Earth

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Nov 30, 2006
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Central Ohio
An interesting and thought provoking article.
There was another interesting program on free speech TV "Speaking freely with Susan George" where the commentator reviewed some of the US policies and how they impact third world neighbors. It re-enforces some of the comments in the above article, in a more general way.
Unfortunately, most people here are more easily swayed by corporate owned newspapers and TV, never really questioning the source of their information.

Here is a home page with information on her work and her bio


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Mar 7, 2007
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Fascinating to see things clearly from all view points.
We inherited such beautiful frame work for a great country from the founding fathers. But things can be eroded to serve the greed & privilege of few.
But we have to be very cautious about all the rosy images from the other side too. Because they are aware of the power of change in a free society. Once they have the power they will make sure that there is no other voices but their own.
Stalin killed a lot of russians, Mao kills a lot of chineses, Pol Pots killed a third of the cambodians, and believe it or not, a lot of the vietnameses were killled by the vietnamese communist party too.
They even eliminated each other.
My theory is sharks will always be sharks no matter which ocean you spawn them.
Over here, in our capitalist greatness, we have those greedy CEO the like of ENRON, corrupted politicians that can be bought, preachers who extolling dark age messages.
In the communists regimes, those sharks wear the cloth of party leaders, with absolute power to kill, jail anyone who voices opposition, to take properties from peoples to line their own pockets.

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