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FREE: Baby 3PB Prosthechea Pentotis (Baculus)

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It broke off of the main plant recently, doesn't have any real roots to speak of, but does already have a little nub of a new root. With the right care, I suspect this should grow fine. I got the main plant from Oak Hill Gardens a few years ago, and it's finally reaching maturity. A very nice healthy plant, just feel bad throwing this little nub away - and I have way too many plants to be keeping seedlings of duplicates. This guy looks not unlike a Prosthechea (aka Encyclia) cochleata. Also, he's reported to have a very pungent smell, which is why I got him - mine hasn't bloomed yet. Oh, this plants loves semi-hydro and really sucks up the water, just fyi.

So here's the deal. He's free. But, I'm just going to wrap him in some newspaper and throw him in a small envelope. I'll pay postage :) So if you're interested (US only), only posting this here on this forum. Let me know by private message or post, whichever is time stamped first gets it :)

There's a nice pic of Pentotis here

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