Four labiatas and an aberrant mendelli

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Feb 1, 2019
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I agree the rubra is something special, but the more catts I stare at, the more I’m starting to appreciate those with a more “natural’ or less line-bred form like your coerulea. All of them are winners in my book!
Nov 15, 2017
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It’s peak blooming season for the autumn labiatas.
First up is a division of the well known rubra clone ‘Schuller’.
This is the plant’s second year with me and first time it’s flowered. Nice sharp bloom, good shape and deep colour. It’s also vigorous. This year it produced two successive growths.
View attachment 30238
Next is labiata coerulea ‘Anja’.
Again a first time bloomer but a bit of a disappointment. The colour is ok but the shape is appalling. Hopefully there will be improvements in future.
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Next is a seedling semi alba. This looks promising. The flowers are much larger than last year.
View attachment 30241
The last labiata was bought as a flammea clone ‘RS 6’. This is the second year it has bloomed on a well established plant and so far, no sign of any flammea markings. I will check with the vendor on this one.
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Lastly is a pale mendelli which has insisted on flowering in the autumn, rather than the spring for the second successive year.
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That coerulea is the bomb. Can’t believe you’re not humbled by its absolutely spectacular natural beauty.

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