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For trade.......

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Jun 9, 2006
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Great Neck - New York
Patience and space has run thin. I'd much rather have the space for other stuff.

Top: Paph. Rothschildianum ('Trinity' AM/RH x 'Sabah') LS 10"+ [ratcliffe]
Bottom Left: Paph. Eva Weigner LS 7"+ [gore orchids]
Bottom Right: Paph. Angel Hair LS 8"+ (st. swithin 'jeanie' AM/AOS x sanderianum 'wonderland) [orchid inn]

I would like to trade all of them in one package.

Things I'm searching for listed in order of priority:
1) Neofinetia (none seedlings)
2) Dendrobium Moniliforme (any variety aside from benisuzume)
3) Paph. Concolor (nbs or bs)

Shipping will be bare root by USPS priority unless otherwise requested. I have repotted these a little less than 2 months ago so they should have some decent roots. If you take interest in a trade and the roots aren't all that hot after I unpot them I will inform you prior shipping just in case you choose to retract your offer.

If interested please PM.


Grandma M

Your 'Angel Hair' sure is tempting but I don't have anything that I really want to part with for a trade. With all the plants I have I should find something I want to trade, but I can't part with any of them.

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