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Flasks for Sale: Paph (S Gratrix X fairrieanum)

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Jun 9, 2006
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North central Minnesota
I have a few extra flasks of Paph (S Gratrix 'Cocker Spaniel' x fairrieanum) that I am willing to sell. S Gratrix is bellatulum x godefroyae, so the flowers may be similar to Estella (godefroyae x fairrieanum) or Iona (bellatullum x fairrieanum). By using S Gratrix I am hoping to combine the superior breeding characteristics of godefroyae with the larger size of bellatulum in a fairrieanum hybrid. This particular S Gratrix is quite large with a very flat dorsal and large, long petals. While not the classic, round shape of awarded Brachy's, I thought that its shape might yield some interesting flowers when crossed with fairrieanum.

Here's a picture of the Paph S Gratrix 'Cocker Spaniel'

The flasks contain approximately 20 plants and will sell for $60. Send me a Private Message for details if you're interested.

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