First Bulldogs of the Season

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Aug 14, 2014
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New York City
I bought these two in low bud about three months ago along with a bunch of others off eBay. The price was great and I love buying in bud plants and find out how they turn out.

These two are among the "ok" three. One was given away as a gift.
I tossed all other crappy ones.

I kept these two for myself just for now until my other bulldogs come into bloom.
I will get rid of these eventually. Both have second bud coming and three growths plant, so these are vigorous.

Both are 5 inch across but the first one is a bigger flower overall.
Only if that dorsal was not nodding so much. :(

First is Olympian Yard x Yosemite Moon.
Yosemite Moon influence seems very dominant in flower shape and color, and the veining.
The plant is quite petite.


Irish Eyes x Stone Lovely.
Fairrieanum in there somewhere I guess.
Plant is already rather large with long leaves. Typical bulldog I guess.
It looks a lot nicer yellow in person.

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