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Apr 12, 2010
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Southlake, Texas
These plants arrived in a great condition couple weeks ago. These are some of the newer hybrid Phalaenopsis from hobby hybridizers in Taiwan.

You can find these listed in our online store here, under Categories/New Arrival

Most of these are in 2.5 inch pot – Near Mature to Mature Size

WZ248 Phal (Siam Treasure X violacea f. blue) NBS $25
WZ286 Vdnps Chienlung Purple Schubert (Kenneth Schubert X v. coerulea) NBS $30
SK271 Phal (Fortune Saltzman X stuartiana f. nobilis) NBS $20
WZ442 Phal (Nobby's Green Eagle X Ho's Kuangfeng Glory) NBS $20
B78 Phal Tying Shin Lemon (Brother Trekki X Yungho Gelb Canary) NBS $20
LTN-122 Phal Su-An Cricket 'SW' (Gelblieber X mannii) NBS $25
cy15 Phal Princess Kaiulani 'Chin Yo' AM/AOS (amboinensis X violacea) BS $45
P314 Dtps Tying Shin Blue Jay (Purple Martin 'KS' X pulcherrima blue splash petals) BS $35
SK291 Phal Yaphon Oh Mygod (KS Happy Eagle X speciosa 'C1') BS $35
JH-SM Phal Samera f. blue BS $50
YP9941 Phal ((Yaphon Goldlight x Yaphon Rose) X Joy Spring Canary) NBS $25
WZ393 Phal (Nobby's Green Eagle 'Yaphon' X Yungho Gelblitz 'YH') BS $25

sp-74 Phal parishii BS $20
H107 Phal philippinensis (sib X sib) NBS $25
SWR0605 Phal schilleriana ('Joy' X sib) NBS $28
jw-24jh Phal mariae (mariae 'Jia-Ho' X sib) NBS $30
JH-BB Phal bellina var. coerulea (bellina f. blue 'Jiaho' X sib) BS $50

Smaller Seedlings in 1.7 inch pot – some of these are ready to be potted into 2.5 inch
LTNA56 Phal (K S Happy Eagle X Germaine Vincent (C-1 type)) S $20
LTNA9 Phal (K S Kumquat X Yaphon Perfume) S $20
SKB98 Phal Samera (violacea blue X bellina blue) $20
SKC59 Phal (Yaphon Lobspis X K S Cumquat) S $20
SKD11 Phal (Tying Shin Blue Jay X parishii) S $22.50
YP100079 Phal (amboinensis (Yellow-Green) X violacea Indigo) $22.50
YP100088 Phal ((javanica x Buena Jewel) f. flava X Princess Kaiulani f. flava) $22.50
YP100115 Phal ((Tying Shin Cupid x corningiana) X violacea f. Indigo) $22.50
YP100130 Phal (LD's Bear Queen X violacea f. Indigo) $22.50
YP100133 Phal Penang Girl (venosa X violacea f. Indigo) $20
YP100134 Phal Samera (bellina X violacea f. Indigo) $20
YP100150 Phal (Spica X Germaine Vincent) $20
YP119 Phal Samera (bellina blue X violacea f. Indigo) $20

Bob in Albany N.Y.

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Jun 8, 2006
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Albany, N.Y. USA
Check out this one: cy15 Phal Princess Kaiulani 'Chin Yo' AM/AOS (amboinensis X violacea) BS $45
The photos say it all. I just ordered that one, a stem prop and two others. Peter always has quality breeding and nice plants. Oh yea, here's one that isn't on the above list but Peter has just a couple of seedlings of and it is: Phal (Buena Jewel 'Joy' X Dragon Tree Eagle 'DT#1' AM/AOS. I recentyly bought a flask of this one and it promises to be great.
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