exstaminodium vs. lindenii pollination

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Leo Schordje

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Aug 22, 2006
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NE Illinois
They both self pollinate.
In Phrag lindenii there are 3 pollinia, the extra pollinia is positioned so that it will usually come in contact with the receptive region of the stigmatic surface. The stem supporting the pollinia grow as the flower matures, contact usually occurs second or thrid day post anthesis.

In extaminodia the flower is nearly normal except for the lack of a staminode sheild. Here, without the staminode sheild as the flower ages, the pollinia bend over and come in contact with the receptive of the stigma surface. Here again this happens a the second or third day post after opening. It is the lack of the staminode that allows the pollinia to bend over and contact the stigma.

So in both the pollinia comes in contact with the stagmatic surface.

Lindenii has 3 pollinia, and no lip in hte way to interfere with the extra pollinia coming in contact with the stigmatic surface.

Extaminodia has a nearly normal flower, that lacks a staminode sheild. The lack of staminode sheild allows the pollinia to grow into contact with the stigmatic surface.


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