Do they always take this long to open?

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Hey everyone! Just wanted to know how long it usually takes for Paph flowers to open up. I bought one that was just barely opening about a week ago and it still looks exactly the same as it did then! Might there be something wrong with it or am I just being impatient? I guess I'm just used to phals and other orchids that open up right away. Yeah, yeah, I know! Orchids teach us patience! :p
You impatient? There's a new leaf forming on my eva weigner and im dancing with a flashlight around the eva as the orchid God suggested to get it to hurry up already. It's not even in spike yet im just hoping for a sheath. :eek: . it's showing good signs though. :)
"I am extraordinarily patient, provided I get my own way in the end."
Margaret Thatcher
Of course different species and hybrids with certain parentages provide for variation in "flower opening speeds." It's been my experience that they are indeed slow until the lower edge of the lip and or lateral petals peek out from under the sepals, then it takes off spreading it's wings pretty quickly.
If you want real slow, I've got a malipoense in bud that has been opening for about a month and a half now:confused:

I think its in the final stretch now, maybe less than 2 more weeks to go.
Ugh... the whole thing is starting to go limp. It seems that I've been visited by the bud blast fairy. Yay me :sob:
Oh I hate that fairy!!! She visited me several times this year during the summer.I've got a bellatulum that has 2 buds that I can barely see but I got it back in May & it showed signs then of going into bud but now it has swollen down in the sheath but still nothing has happened-for ever so long.Here it is almost Oct.To say I'm impatient is an under statement!