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Jason Fischer
Aug 26, 2006
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Since we have switched to selling LED lights only, I am clearing out all remaining HPS units. These are made by P.L. light, which is one of the most sturdy brands around when it comes to HPS. We still have units running in our nursery that were installed in the early 90's.

I have three for sale. All come with new bulbs and hanging kits and are wired with cord. For the new units we offer a 2 year warranty on the units, and a 1 year warranty on the bulb. The used unit has no warranty, and a 1 year on the bulb:

1) New unit, 400 watt super, medium reflector, $200 (includes FedEx ground).

2) New remote unit (long cord to reflector), 400 watt super , medium reflector, $225 (includes FedEx ground)

3) Used unit, 430 watt son agro, medium reflector, $125 (includes FedEx ground)

There aren't many companies selling P.L. in the US anymore, but here's a link to a site that does sell them so you can compare the pricing:

Please contact Jason to purchase via e-mail or phone call. or 1-800-669-6006.


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