Cymbidium goeringii "Mangetsu" 日本春蘭「満月」-plucking flower buds.

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Mar 30, 2020
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thanks for the reply Michael, you are very kind. I have already contacted Riccardo who lives two kilometers from my house. for the moment I want to grow only Cymbidium ensifolium and sinense. if I'm good then I'll go to Goeringii too. Thanks for all the advice you have given me, I will treasure it.
p.s. I have another little North facing terrace and I Will grow my ensifolium and sinense there hoping not to kill them
The general culturing methods for C. goeringii applies for all East Asian Cymbidiums including C. ensifolium and C. sinense (ie light requirements, watering interval, temp during growing season). The only major difference is winter temp. For C. ensifolium, winter temp should be no lower than 15C ( I would keep it between 15C-20C). For C. sinense, winter temp should be no lower than 10C (I would keep it 10C-15C). Both C. ensifolium and C. sinense are considered as the "broadleaf" type Asian Cymbidiums and they can be grown together. They are easier and a bit more flexible than C. goeringii.

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