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Dec 9, 2006
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Penang, Malaysia..d home of fabulous paphs.
I need some help with the culture of speciesmultis, especially section corypedilum... I love them so much but they seem to dislike me.. I have killed 2 philippinense (although it is a 'beginner' species :sob:and one roth which was not very healthy:( ).. the ones that i currently have now are 1 stonei (which lay 'dormant' for about half a year, but now growing new leaves..) and 2 roth seedlings which are slow-growing. I have several specific questions on culture:

1. What kind of medium do they need? I culture all paphs differently, according to the section. can i give them the same medium as brachys?:confused:

2. How big a pot do they need? i often hear that multis have roots that travel a long away from the plant. But from pictures in the Antec website, i see large plants in relatively tiny pots, but with full root-balls..:confused:

3. Can species that grow in ultramafic rock/soil naturally (like roths) be grown without providing them with that soil which contains high amounts of metals..?:confused:

4. How much light do they need? Should they receive same light levels with brachys or those from section paphiopedilum, like exul, or more,like dendrobiums?:confused:

5. Should i shift my stonei to a brighter area? It is now beside a lowii which is growing happily..:confused:

6. One last question about a pardalopetalum species, parishii.. I have also killed one..:( i want to try another one. Can i just treat it like lowii?



1. coryopetalum - general requirements for the group - intermediate- warm temps, bright - moderately bright light (catt. light, sanderianum less), open, well draining mix, never dry, high humidity with good air circulation. Good quality, clean water.

2. pot size will probably depend on your mix & watering habits. Aren't most orchids better underpotted than overpotted?

4. see #1, most brachys are going to have lower light requirements.

5. recommended light levels for lowii 750-1200f.c., too low in my opinion for stonei.

6. I would say yes, my parishii & lowiis are growing next to one another.

These are the guidelines I follow due to information I have found. So far it's working for me!