Cattleya mossiae 'Panther Creek' Hcc/Aos

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Ed M


Cattleya mossiae 'Panther Creek' Hcc/Aos is blooming out in my greenhouse for the first time. Its a division of plant originating from Barney & Eileen Garrison. The species is the national flower of Venezuela where it grows in the mountains, and a sure harbinger of Spring. Flower size is just a little under seven inches across, nice fragrance. The flowers have very heavy substance, the stems are thick and very stiff, and it wouldn't surprise me if this plant was a tetraploid. I will self-polinate these flowers in order to raise up a population of new ones.


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Apr 10, 2007
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only HCC for that fantastic Catt!! Wow that's a beauty !!

Ed M

Thanks, I've also been corrected that the plant currently has an AM and not the HCC.

The plant originated with Barney Garrison, and he is a stickler for correct identifications, he won't even put a ribbon on a mis-labeled plant at a show. Gene Crocker knows his stuff too, and he says its probably C. x gravesiana.

Ed M

That's a great clone of this species Ed:clap::clap:

I hope the breeding goes well.

Thanks! Its probably been done before, but each time you self-polinate its a recombination of the genes, and you can turn up with something nice. If the plant turns out to be Cattleya x gravesiana we should see some variation in the seedlings...depending on whether the individual came from an ancient mix of mossiae x lueddemanniana, or something more recent.

For those who might turn their nose up at a C. x gravesiana, because "its a hybrid" its important to remember that C. x gravesiana is much more rare in nature than fine clones of either C. mossiae or C. lueddemanniana, and its proof that nature finds a way to recombine plants that diverted into separate species long ago.:)

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