Cattleya Mishima Luster ‘Jean’ AM/AOS

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Feb 19, 2013
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Cattleya Wine Festival × Cattleya schilleriana

One of the oldest orchids in my collection, purchased from Carter and Holmes in 2011. I first saw this flower at my local NCOS meeting back when I first started collecting. The next year Carter and Holmes offered it in their mail order catalog, I miss those flyer days.

The flowers have a very waxy feel to them, the muted purple against the hot pink lip still gets me. The color of the petals are a little hot in these pics.. it really is a lighter muted purple. And the fragrance.. it smells like cherry flavored Italian ice with a heavy grounding of clover. I’ve not been able to bloom it in recent years, I believe it got too big. I feel some orchids perform poorly with too many growths.. maybe ‘poor relations’? Earlier this year I whacked off most of the older growths. Hope to see more blooming heads in the future..tbd.


0CC35083-0042-4703-AA89-9CFAB804B8C0.jpeg 91A788BC-23BD-4262-A299-D5E8CDFE7BF0.jpeg F9F4B6C7-E578-4C4F-BC05-4FBAED65A6B2.jpeg EDFC7AFC-140C-4338-9F86-BAA975483587.jpeg

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