Can't find suppliers for MSU or OL Jungle ferts. in my area SW Florida...

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I'd like to stop in a nursery or supply store and pick this stuff up.
Anyone in the SW area of Florida that knows where I can pick this up at?


You may have to mail order them. I can't think of a Orchid store that carries them. You can try a hydroponics store, but the few I've been to seem to be more interested in people growing weed. Theres a reason there seems to be a house bust a week. I know the hydro stores will carries Dyna Grow products. But not sure on the MSU or OL Jungle. You can try and see if OL can bring some to the WOC. They dont have a table, but they're taking plant orders, and you'll have to meet up when your there.

Jerry Fischer and Josh Horky will be in Miami from 1/21 to 1/23. Jason Fischer and Dr. Robert Quene will be attending from 1/25 to 1/27. Only these dates will be available for pre-order pick up. Please contact us for further details.