C. Longriver Compton 'Golden Star' FCC/AOS

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Nov 29, 2008
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Bloomington, MN
'Golden Star' was awarded FCC in 1999 in Taiwan by Tong High Orchid Nursery. The issue will become whether the plant shown here is a mericlone or a division. I would think an FCC division would be very expensive. If this is a mericlone, the name remains the same but there can be some genetic drift with the process and NYEric could be right that the blooms might not be quite as good as the original awarded cultivar. Just the luck of the shuffling of the dice. The awarded flower had a horizontal natural width of 18.0 cm and had the same pincelada markings at the ends of the petals and the lip looks very similar to the picture shown here. If the size of this flower is less, it may just require a more mature plant with outstanding culture. The cultivar 'Golden Star' was also awarded the Merrit W. Huntington award for the most outstanding plant given an FCC. This should be quite a plant and flower.

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