Bulbophyllum croceum Lindl. 1830

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Fuzzy bud
Nov 5, 2014
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Colorado, USA
The flowers are brilliant orange little sunbursts, so cool and unusual. They only lasted about 4 days, and they have a very faint, sweet earthy fragrance, kind of like overripe fruit, or fallen autumn leaves after a rain.

I got some cuttings of this plant from an OrchidBoard member last year. Was lucky enough to get a couple spikes this year, even though the plant tends to drop leaves only a few months after growing them. Not sure why.

It grows in a shallow plastic basket in Guller brand fine grade mix with sphagnum on top. Kept very moist, watered almost daily, tiny amount of fertilizer (5-25 ppm N) with each watering. Humidity 60% and up, about 1 meter below the SF1000 LED lights.


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