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Awarded Neofinetia falcata division for trade

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Oct 23, 2018
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Looking to trade a recent division of my awarded neo.

This plant has a fun history. It was originally acquired from Napa Valley Orchids in 2007 when I was visiting there while working for a NASCAR team. I ended up bringing it onto the pit box for samurai orchid good luck and it was actually featured on TV. I kept growing it and when it was awarded in 2018 (CCM - 83 points) it had nearly 100 flowers.

I just divided it (2/27/21).

Will trade for paphs, interesting cattleyas, leptotes.


  • neo dvda 1.1.jpg
    neo dvda 1.1.jpg
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  • NCPOS Meeting 0616 V. falcata (JLo).jpg
    NCPOS Meeting 0616 V. falcata (JLo).jpg
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