Anyone have an image of Paph intaniae?

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Oct 19, 2009
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I live in Central Minnesota.
Thanks so much to everyone who sent images for the Slipper Orchid Alliance newsletter and web gallery for the upcoming article on Coryopedilum!! Special thanks to Carson Barnes, Rob and Orchids Limited, and Olaf Gruss. We now have great images of every species in the Corypedilum group except Paph intaniae. If anyone has a good image of intaniae or knows someone who does, it would be great to show the entire group in the next issue of the SOA newsletter ... and.. the President is breathing down my neck about meeting a deadline for the printer in early Nov... (how did I get appointed this task anyway?? LOL).. BTW - if you send me a pic to [email protected], and it bounces back, please message me here privately and I will give you my personal email address... The hosting folks claim it is my local server, but that doesn't seem to be the case to me... thanks for being patient and re-sending all those messages Rob!

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