anyone growing phrags in mud mix?

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I just got a big surprise while repotting some phrags. I yanked Prince Caspian out of its pot, expecting the usual bark or chc mix, only to find a pot full of peanuts, perlite and peat mix. Oh, and good roots....

I used to grow some paphs in mud mix, but I've switched out of it, mostly because I tend to let peat get bone dry (not good for roots). But now I'm reconsidering. Has anyone tried it for a "long" period of time? Say, for longer than 3 years?

Eric Muehlbauer

I have unintentionally grown phrags in mud...I tend to forget to repot them, and since they don't care, its been up to 4 years between then, the bark is mud...and the roots still seem fine. My one intentional attempt was using cocopeat and perlite...while this mix works fine for almost rootless paphs, Ludisias, and especially Cymbidiums, my phrag hated it...brown tips, no growth...probably salt damage (this was in the days before the potential salt content was well known...)...But overall, I think phrags will grow in almost anything...Take care, Eric


Not "mud" but this plant has been growing in Miracle Grow potting soil for the past few years. it is Phrag. Sargeant Eric. It grew beautifully until I forgot to bring it in this year and it froze.




Thanks for the comments. I repotted the phrag into a peat+shredded chc type mix, the idea being that the chc will help rewet the peat. Oh, I forgot bone meal. oops.

I just repotted a Gloria Naugle which turns out to have been in this mess of broken down CHC. Or maybe it's a coir mix? Anyway, the plant looks really unhappy but the roots were fine.... And I ended up putting it into the peat+chc mix too - didn't know what else to do with it. So wierd as most of my paphs are in rather dry chunky mixes.....

Jon in SW Ohio

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Jun 9, 2006
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I still use MetroMix with Coir with sponge rock and charcoal added on most of my phrags. Have been using it for years, and always got great growth. For caudatum types and hybrids, you want to let the top inch or so dry between waterings.

Do a search on the site for MetroMix and you should find lots of info.


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