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Mar 9, 2007
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Los Angeles, California
As I'm sure you are aware, technically, anitum is illegal. However, adductum is legal...and as far as I know, a whole lot of people imported anitums before they were recognized as a different species (before CITES was founded). However, these plants would have been imported as adductum. It seems to me that all pre-ban plants would be legal, but I've never heard of anyone coming forth with one.... someone correct me if any of that is wrong.

They are really nice plants, and I would love to have one (along with half the people on this forum). If you figure out a source let us know.


I thought I have seen it on Thanh's list & it was listed as adductum var. anitum.
:(I thought I remember reading somewhere that these are hard to grow & most were declining in overall plant size, they were hard to keep alive, let alone bloom? Is this sounding familar to anyone else? or am I :confused: it with another?


Adductum var. Anitum crosses are available in Hawaii but not straight anitums. There is an awarded in a recent addition of "Orchids" which Frank Smith got an AM . I believe it is a selfing. It can't be too illegal.

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