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Ancipitia viduata is previously know as Pleurothallis viduata, these things have been reorganised now. I grow this cool and it stays wet most of the time in sphagnum, it has great roots and the wetness doesn't seem to be an issue. I don't know why it doesn't dry out but I hardly give it water and it can stay wet for ages. So it grows through the hot australian summer but I try and keep it cooler than the other plants by bringing it inside during the hotter days. It has 10 spikes this year but only one open so far, should be a great display when it finally opens completely. The flowers grow from the base of the leaf and I've included a picture where you can see a 'keiki' also growing from the base of one of the leaves and sucking the life from it. The other leaves are all mostly nice and green but the one with the keiki is 'dying' off. I have now removed the keiki and am growing it as a new plant.......sorry to ramble on.



What a cutie! I enjoy your 'rambling', you know someone would sooner or later ask questions & you've given all the answers plus more!


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Sep 14, 2006
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Love it. If I don't have one already it's on my wish list. Maybe at WOC... I hate the reorganization, Dr. Luer is trying to drive us crazy! One problem is that until they bloom some Pleuro's [heheh] are indistiguishable. Also, when you look at the reclassification, some of the flowers have totally different colors but are described as the same species! WTF!?

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