A new variety of a natural hybrid of the genus Paphiopedilum from Vietnam

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Rob Zuiderwijk

Jun 25, 2006
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The Netherlands
... Seems strange to publish a variety of a 'natural hybrid'.
They probably decided for this as Paph. ×aspersum was described by Averyanov as a natural hybrid of Paph. barbigerum var. lockianum and Paph. henryanum, and their entity is supposedly a natural hybrid of Paph. barbigerum var. coccineum and Paph. henryanum. In that case describing it as a variety is a valid thing.

Paph. barbigerum var. coccineum is by a lot of people considered to be a valid separate species: Paph. coccineum.

The whole situation gets even more interesting if you bare in mind that var. lockianum is by others considered to be synonymous with var. coccineum.

Whatever your views are it is quite a confusing situation in my opinion.


P.S. If you don't have access to facebook the article can also be found at www.orchidee.de/e-paper.

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