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Apr 12, 2010
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Southlake, Texas
Hi all - I got the following new paph seedlings for sale. These were purchased last week of August. They have been repotted and seem to do well.

Shipping is $12 first plant, $1 each additional.
10% off when you order 3 plants or more.

Paph randsii Small 6 in LS - $55 Qty 3
Paph stonei 'TN-Queen' SM/TPS x sib $90 medium size 8-10 in LS - Qty $3
Paph gigantefolium. size $75 11 inch LS - Qty 1
Paph Hung Shen Cape (stonei SM/TPS x anitum) 8-10 in leaf span $80 Qty 6
Paph Yang-Ji Diamond (Prince Ed of York x anitum) medium 12-14 in $80 Qty 10
Paph Wossner China Moon (armeniacum X hangianum) $50 Qty 5 - new remake, easy, robust grower.
Paph philippinense 'Mercury' SM/TPS x 'Miao Hua' BM/TPS $100 large 14-16 in Qty 3
Paph Liberty Taiwan (micranthum X hangianum) $45 5-6 in Leaf span - Qty 8

Also if you are interested in phalaenopsis, I have a new Fall List prepared in pdf file.


Update gigantifolium leaf span is about 11 inches
One left
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