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A few Paph flasks for sale

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Jun 9, 2006
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North central Minnesota
Hi all! I have a few flasks available that I don't necessarily need because I already have many deflasked seedlings of each cross already. All flasks have about 20 seedlings.

Paph (barbigerum x Hellas 'Sunset' HCC/AOS) $60.00
Hopefully a first step in miniature complex Paph breeding. Some barbigerum x complex crosses have not yielded compact plants, but the plants would still be useful in susequent crosses with small flowers.
Here's the parents:


Paph delenatii ('Deerwood' AM/AOS x self) $50.00
Somewhat slow growing like the parent, but we are looking for more good sized delenatii's of superior shape. Size when awarded: Nat spread: 8.9cm, Nat Vert Spread: 8.5cm, Dorsal width: 3.3cm, Petal width: 4.4cm, Petal length: 4.4cm.
Here's a picture


Paph Lunacy (Hellas 'Sunset' HCC/AOS x Skip Bartlett 'White Pepper' HCC/AOS) $95.00
Although not mentioned in any of my resources, I would guess that the original Lunacy has made with the Hellas 'Westonbirt' clone. The remake with the 'Sunset' clone should be interesting. Paph Lunacy has 10 AOS flower quality awards, so far with the most recent coming in 2004. That shows that this is an excellent cross for complex whites and pinks. My guess is that using the 'Sunset' clone should yield flowers more toward the white. I don't have a picture of Skip Bartlett as the plant is owned by the collaborator of this cross. The Hellas parent is shown above.

I am offering this flask with some trepidation because about half the seedlings have one lower leaf that has died, indicating that these must be deflasked immediately. If I don't get a response on this flask in the next day or so, I will deflask and keep them.

If anyone has any interest, please PM me to discuss terms.


Here's a plan. You can sell the flasks to me and ship them to AZ. Then I will hop a plane and carry them to OZ. Stephan will be so grateful that I carried the flasks to him, that he will let me sleep on his floor for a week while I see the sites and share some beer with our wonderful Aussie friends.

I can see this working. What do you think?


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Jun 8, 2006
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Brisbane, Australia
You coming over mate?

Far out - I'm willing to put you up for a short stay man - but - be aware I'm a pretty pathetic housekeeper and I'm reasonably sure my pokey little place wouldn't be very comfortable after a short while anyway. :) Sleeping on the floor would be about the strength of things too.

Where are you planning to travel? - If it's Sydney or Melbourne that's just a little too far away :)



Well, I was only kidding. But now I am thinking it's a good idea. Hmmm, how much do plane tickets to Australia cost?