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A few goodies for sale

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Rootless Wonder
Jun 23, 2006
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The Great State of North Carolina
Some of you know me. others don't so here goes. I have a few paphs and phrags to sell or trade. I just don 't need these plants if you know what I mean. First-off I am offering:

A NBS Paph Fourman's Pan Tao (Transvaal x sanderianum) in a 2.5 inch aircone pot. It is a 1 growth NBS with a leefspan of 10". You should see the roots of this baby! (Make me an offer if you want) Check out Fox Valley's Site!

Paph Mt. Toro 'Dark Beauty' x Magic Flame 'Voodoo' a very cool vinicolored multifloral. It had two flowers on it's first spike. 4 BS 1 PB in a 5 inch SQ.

Paph Delophyllum -one of my most reliable bloomers. 2BS 3 PB and a few starts in a 5 inch pot. The roots are massive!

Paph Spokane x Winston Churchill (Complex) 4 inch SQ 1 PB 1 BS

Phrag Don Wimber - 1 1/2 growths BS 4 inch SQ

Phrag Jason Fisher - (From H.P. Norton) 1 PB, 1 NG

Phrag Sedenii 'Bowl of Cherries' - 2 BS growths 4in SQ

Phrag ecuadoriense - 3 NBS (Piece of a mother plant) in a 2 inch SQ

I will entertain offers of trade for fairrieanum and it's hybrids, or brachy hybrids or brachy species. Or if you want to pay for them, pm me I am pretty reasonable! Trust me. I am not out to get too rich :)


Goodies For Sale

Morning Tadd,

I Am Interested In The Phrag. Sedenii "bowl Of Cherries"

And The Paph. Mt. Toro 'dark Beauty'. I Don't Have Any Plants
To Trade Right Now. More Than Willing To Pay For Them


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