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For Sale 5 x 5 Mesh Bottom trays

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Apr 12, 2014
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hoping for an interested party....

these trays are the closest thing i've found to the black ones that appear to work nicely for besseae and dalessandoi growing... i certainly don't want 40 of them and with shipping, they exceed my 'i don't mind spending up to 30$ to f around in an experiment' limit (total comes to 50$)..

bootstrap farmer link to the trays

so here's the offer...

If you are coming to the SEPOS show in Oaks, PA (April 8-10) at any point (i'm there every day including setup (7th), judging (morning 8th) and tear down) and would like to split the set, I'll order them, and do a hostage exchange during the show with you...

please message me if you are interested

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