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  1. Theodoreorchidking

    Exspensive roth is not growing

    I have an exspensive rothschildianum that was in flower: trust me it is definitely no tarantula ;) but is pricey for me. It dropped its flowers a while back, however what is concerning is that it hasn't started a new growth. Should I be worried?
  2. Theodoreorchidking

    Paphiopedilum rothschildianum "lion king"

    Just bloomed Dorsal: 10cm Ns:22cm 4 flowers but haven't bloomed yet
  3. A

    Paphio Red Baron x Fly Eagle

    Very happy from Paris, Paphio Red Baron x Fly Eagle opening first bloom. Probably one of the Last orders sent by Popow orchids in Oct 2021.
  4. M


    Hi all. New to this site. I have a rothchildianum paph. I’ve had her 6 years around. She is currently doing this. I know it takes a long time to bloom. Generally after starting to spike are we talking into fall to show off all her blooms? She’s been in a south facing window with sun in the...