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    probably overdue Roth repotting

    My heritage-plant P. rothschildianum is still potted in the pot in which it arrived 3 years ago...I think it’s time to repot. Meant to this spring but, you know, COVID. Any recommendations on mix? Grade? Should I get a bag of Orchiata and if so, what should I add? Not a lot of experience with...
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    Paphiopedilum rothschildianum bud — question

    Omg this roth spike...I’m over the moon, just cannot believe I’m getting to see this, it will be the first P. rothschildianum I have ever beheld in person and it’s happening in my window!!!!! Many of you are probably bored with my bragging over this plant, collected in the 50s and tended by...
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    Love to hear folks' experiences growing Paphiopedilum rothschildianum indoors, window culture.

    Hi there. I have been lurking in here a long time but hoping to step up my participation here. I have 50 orchids in my little Chicago apartment. I'd feel sheepish confessing that but I know that around here, that's pretty moderate! Many of my orchids are slippers: I am obsessed with...