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  1. Cach26

    Tips for Growing Paph Bellatulum, Niveum and Rothschildianum

    Hello everyone, happy growing! I want to buy some Paph Niveum and Bellatulum (Species) in the future. But I really don't know if my growing conditions are adequate, I live in a country with a tropical climate :D Night Temperatures of 18C (64 F) and Day Temperatures of 25C (77 F) I grow Lady...
  2. BarbaraAnne

    Poor little Paph

    It’s been sick and limping the past couple/few years and getting worse until I could finally repot and I treated with hydrogen proxicide which stopped that disease that has developed when grown in changeable conditions between indoor window sills in the winter too a hot greenhouse in the summer...
  3. M

    Ask About Dos And Donts Of Paph Care ?

    Hello, Paphiopedillum is not new to me but I often times killed them. Please kindly load me a list of Paph care do's and don'ts : 1. Never mist the leaves on hot days ? 2. Don't spray fertilizer on the leaves ? 3. 4. 5. ........... Thankyou in advance...